Adopting a grizzly bear cub has it's challenges, so the next best thing is finding the perfect dog to resemble one. The Great Pyrenees is nothing short of greatness. ​Pekingese is a unique breed originating from ancient China, but even more unique is their coat which is ​sometimes ​groomed in ​exuberant fashion. And while they still need to be ​groomed often, t​his is a very low shedding, quiet, and non-drooling ​breed. Chow Chow. After all, these massive dogs can weight upwards of 150 pounds, which can resemble that of a small bear cub. We certainly don’t suggest keeping one if you’re a novice dog owner. In addition, they look very similar to the Tibetan Mastiff, but with minor differences in features and coat colors. They are generally friendly and, well, they are about the size of a football. Fun fact: Russian Bear Dogs can grow as big as a tiger! In this case, the Shih Tzu certainly benefits from showing off their signature grooming style: "the teddy bear cut". Just keep in mind they're sensitive to heat and need to cool off every so often. If you really want to see one, try a zoo. Others think they look more like a fox than a bear, depending on the dog. If you want them to, they can be excellent working dogs too! How much do Teddy Bear Dogs cost? Highlights: Fastidious, Independent, Dominant. It is the white fur, the dark eyes, and black nose that all come together to make them almost near indistinguishable to the actual polar bear. All in a day’s work for this breed. But, as puppies, they tend to be surrounded by some more fluff. If you need more information about 79+ Chow Chow Big Fluffy Bear Dog… The Lhasa Apso was once used to guard royal palaces in Tibet, and still carry that proud duty to this day. Not to mention the shedding is off the charts. Eurasier’s are extremely sensitive to vocalizations, and can become despondent if scolded too harshly. The Gaddi Kutta is an extremely rare dog breed from India. Spend an afternoon with the Bichon Frise and you’ll know exactly why. Tags: teddy bear, fuzzy teddy bear, fluffy teddy bear, bear, soft toy, cute teddy bear, cute fluffy teddy bear, childrens toys, teddy bear patterns, cute teddy bear, cute teddy bear, cute bear, cute fluffy teddy bear, teddy bear, teddy bear, fluffy teddy bear, cute animals, teddy bear lovers, teddy bear, for people who love teddy bears, pancake and loaf ​Chow Chows have an unmistakable look that certainly resembles a cuddly teddy bear dog. Despite being loving and intelligent, Samoyed's can be a handful. However, like pretty much any dog breed, if trained properly early on, even the strongest of instincts can be curbed and shaped to make a friendly, well-adapted dog. Still, they’re an impressive sight to see. These dogs are utterly huge, and their thick coats only add to the impression of size and might. These dogs have a high prey drive, and a tendency to be on alert. So you won't find any hunting or herding traits here. Still, a puppy Golden Retriever looks very much like a teddy bear, though with a golden coat. They are small dogs that have a button nose, soft eyes, stand-up ears, and a fluffy coat. One moment you are walking down the street, and a mass of fur appears in the corner of your vision. First originating from Turkey, the Anatolian Mastiff (otherwise known as the Kangal Shepherd), is a powerful yet confident mastiff-type shepherd. There will be endless amounts of shedding, brushing, and trips to the groomer - so just be ready for that. 7 Teddy Bear Dogs That Look Like Soft, Fluffy And Cuddly Toys. They’re a medium sized spitz type dog with a large fluffy coat. The Golden Retriever is one of America’s top family dog breed for obvious reasons. ​Ever wanted to ​adopt your very own real life teddy bear? Many males will reach a massive 160lbs or more. While this may not be a common occurrence, it does happen. Teacup Poodles are just like teddy bear dog. They’re big and extra fluffy, giving them that bear-like resemblance. However, they do so only with the best of intentions. ​A sometimes overly confident trouble-maker (but it's all in good fun) the Pomeranian is the star of their own show. I agree!! Still, we do recommend you exercise some caution. But because of this, they need that thick and fluffy coat to be able to withstand the chilling winters. Cavapoo. These mastiffs can really do it all. But if you have ever wanted to own a 1/16th scale bear, then a Pom might be the next best thing. Their cheerful and positive demeanor has made them a favorite breed around the world. On the other side of the size spectrum, we have the Tibetan Mastiff. No other dog specialized in such a unique job. Friendliness is in their genetics, that's because Shih Tzu's were bred for companionship. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Eurasier is described as curious, ​calm, intelligent, and affectionate. For instance, the dog is notorious for shedding. ​If you're looking for a bear - you found it. Cute Teddy Bear Dog Embroidered Soft Fleece Blanket British Paddington Eco Reusable Student Fluffy Tote Plaid Gingham Picnic Bag Shopper 90s ... teddy bear, fluffy teddy bear, toy, handmade toy, knitted toy NataliJewelryStore. Looking for a dog that looks like a bear my email is janetbaker, Nice list of the dogs. In the packs, they’re able to defend against much larger wolves, lions, jackals and even bears. ​There are many ​amazing stories of these dogs ​rescuing ​​children, ​adults, or other ​animals from dangerous situations. It’s the bulky frame and demeanor that make them top candidates on our list. Gentle training and a positive environment ​is what they need ​to flourish. We round out the face, trim around the ears, and carve out a ​mane, making your ​pup look like an adorable little bear cub. Microchipping a dog is the process of implanting a chip under the dogs skin and registering the keepers details on a national database so that the dogs keeper can be traced. Thanks to their rational mindset, they tend to be perfect for discerning work. Not only are Akitas rather large, but their thick fur also gives them an ursine aura (and plenty of shedding). It’s why socialization as a small puppy is so crucial for these dogs. But if you’re adamant about getting a bear-looking dog breed – these dogs are by far your best bet! ​Eurasier's are in love with their owners, and their intelligence makes them easy to train. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Cheerful, loving, and a little trouble maker - The Bichon Frise ​is everything you would want from a real life teddy. That said, the latter were given a long snout and non-retractable claws. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog hails from the Caucasus mountains, where it was bred for work as a, well, shepherd dog. This breed exists in two varieties: the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. For a mastiff, they’re relatively calm and gentle. ​. But their owner is the only love in their life, and sometimes no one else is welcome into that relationship. And as big as the Great Pyrenees is, the mastiff is much larger – weighing up to 180 pounds! They have large heads with side necks that contribute to their massive, bear-like look, along with their slightly grumpy faces! ​Daily exercise is absolutely necessary to keep this big guy content. Not many of these dogs, as beautiful as they are, look like bears. Don’t let the small size fool you, they’re ones with big personalities. Therefore, t​hey can be very unkind to strangers, while fiercely loyal to their family. If you trace back far enough, bears and dogs share a part in their genetic lines. But when the situation calls for it, they’re like a completely different dog. Pomchi. Like most shepherding dogs, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is extremely loyal and smart. For many years, they’ve been called the world’s greatest “personality dogs” and it’s easy to see why. ​The Samoyed​ has a beautiful white, fluffy coat that ​could ​very much resemble a plush polar bear. And with the dog’s massive 130-pound frame, the comparison to a small bear is not unrealistic. Weighing up to 175 pounds and standing 30 inches tall, the Tibetan Mastiff is a beast. And while they were built for the cold, St.Bernard's are very much an indoor family ​member. You can cancel your email alerts at any time. Their furry, erect ears contribute too, though they are somewhat pointier than those of an actual bear, whose ears tend to be rounder. Read more, you might be surprised what a little grooming magic, ​grooming Chow Chow's to look just like Pandas, 28 Fluffy Dog Breeds (Big and Small Breeds), 17 Dogs that Don’t Smell – Pro Groomers Tell Their Story, 29 Inspirational Dog Quotes about Life and Love. With the right coat color, you would probably be able to convince your gullible friends you brought home a cub. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? 4. ​A poodle might not be the first dog you think of when it comes to teddy bears - but you might be surprised what a little grooming magic can do. As dog age, they can go through countless physical changes. Schipperkes get that so often – “Bear” is a popular name for the breed! Because teddy bear dogs can vary so much, so can their price. They can be a little feisty at times, but know they do everything out of affection. We can’t say the same for wild wolves. Thus, we have put together a list of our favorite dog breeds that look like bears. It’s no coincidence that the Goldendoodles are highly intelligent and have fantastic temperaments perfect for any household. Goldens love to play and they’ll get along great in any environment with all people. This is the ideal family dog, because they'll never hold a grudge against ​anyone​ or anything! These dogs are sweet natured and love being the center of attention, and they'll fit right in with a family of any size. Both of which fit the standards of this list. Not to mention they aren't overly active, so their calm demeanor makes them an excellent family ​pet. Your heart jumps for a moment as instinct takes over. All that silliness needs to get burned off eventually though - some daily exercise will help them excel and live life to the fullest. I can’t find it anywhere! Okay, we’ll admit – the Yorkshire Terrier looks more like a teddy bear than an actual bear. Otherwise, mats and tangles start to build up and can potentially hurt the dog. Or maybe you're aiming a little higher and want a full sized ferocious beast. These dogs originate from the harsh mountainous regions of northern India or Himalayas. Regardless, the Yorkie is a little bundle of loving joy. Despite the looks, these dogs are known for being incredibly sweet and are especially good around children. The Chow Chow’s nickname is the “Teddy Bear Dog” and that is a nickname that only a fluffy dog can get. That’s because they were purposely bred this way for people to distinguish them from other wild animals at night. Let us know in the comments section below! .hide-if-no-js { These dogs originate from … Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. ​Basically, you are adopting 100+ pounds of love. Our range of soft toys from Gund, Wild Republic and Teddy Friends are easy to care for and machine washable too. These dogs are highly protective and not friendly around strangers. It was the well researched and good list for the dog lovers…. Because of their larger-than-life personality, you'll need to establish some house rules so they don't assume they run the place. Despite their looks and size, they are not aggressive dogs at all. ​But ​then again, most of these owners​ would argue the payoff is worth it. Not only do they often groom themselves, but also for those around them. Sometimes they’re referred to as “nanny dogs” because they’re so great with children. Teddy bears are the same thing, right? It is a descriptive term for a hybrid dog that resembles a teddy bear toy. ​This is a working breed, and require daily runs or tasks to keep their mind occupied or they'll quickly ​become bored and destroy your home. Both dogs and bears are classified as carnivora. Many people crave having cute and adorable healthy pets. . Even if they grow out of their adorable bear-like appearance, you’ll have a wonderful time with these dogs. They'll often be suspicious of strangers and other ​animals, and are known to be very protective. Plus, they are even-tempered and set to work with pride and dignity. A Pomchi is an adorable little crossbreed with a tenacious temperament. In the home, they’ll be charming and sweet, though they love to have a good time. Like many mastiff-types, the Spanish Mastiff has a face that closely resembles a small bear. That is, they’re protective and loyal while always having your back. Bearded Collie Plus, they’re great swimmers and can likely get away by diving underwater. Bush dogs, also called Savannah dogs, are not your typical family dogs. They’ve been working as premier shepherds for thousands of years in Turkey! However, be warned, maintenance and grooming might take over your life. But despite the fearsome appearance, the Estrela has a soft spot for family members and kids. ​The Pekingese have an ​independent spiri​t that make their own rules, so they can be very stubborn with training and potty training. What’s more, they ended up raising the bear for over 2 years! They tend use that mouth for other things too, like carrying objects or toys at all times. They littery walk and snore like a bear and they act like a bear but how can you call them a Teddy bear! They have protective characters that make them difficult to train and these fluffy dogs are not for everyone. It looks like a pattern that the dogs, which most resemble bears, were also meant to defend livestock from wildlife. Seasonal shedding occurs, but research has shown a number of dog allergy suffers are not affected by this breeds fluffy coat. ​Getting a dog this big comes with a few hurdles. In any case, there is a striking resemblance between a Samoyed puppy and a polar bear cub. A Cavapoo ( also known as the Cavadoodle) is a designer mix breed. ​These dogs have aggressive tendencies that require a lot of ​patience to work through. They may be fluffy but they are cernatily not a oversized teddy bear. Because they’re covered in a thick white fur coat with a sizable frame, it’s not unusual to mistaken one for a white bear. As such, these extra-big dogs resemble that of a small polar bear. They’ve... 3. At least, with their humans. They were originally bred as herding and working ​on farms, and used to protect live stock. It is a large breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. So if you want a great watchdog that looks like a bear, look no further. Lovely list of dogs great job, although it would have been nice to see a good shepherd in here. So we’ll say they have the shape and size of a bear, but the heart of a lion. We list out our favorite teddy bear dog breeds, and answer questions about cost, size & more! That coat needs some extra love however, since Eurasier's are heavy-duty shedders. Sure, they might be tinier than the tiniest of bear cubs, but Pomeranians still resemble a bear – just one that has been scaled down several sizes. This breed is known for its tendency toward cleanliness. Keeshonds are also similar to the Pomeranian in temperament. ​Speaking of pounds, they certainly have some size - averaging 120 pounds, but males often reaching up to 160 pounds. Training and socialization from an early age is absolutely essential. Just like with real polar bears, the Cuvac’s coat acted as one of the best insulators for the large animal. Highlights:  Fearless, Self-Confident, Territorial. Akita's like to talk - all day and everyday. ​With all tha​t ​energy previously used for hunting, they need a very active daily lifestyle. The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian dog breed that looks something like a Goldendoodle once fully grown. Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is the German Shepherd. There’s not much to dislike about this dog breed. Work hard and play hard, that's the Border Terrier motto. Largely due to their loyalty and bravery, the Estrela will fight to the end in order to save his or her pack. The Chow Chow is a big, fluffy dog breed that can stand 19–22 inches tall, and is most distinctive for having a blue tongue! In fact, this family from China once took in an Asiatic Black Bear thinking he was a Tibetan Mastiff. ​Another thing to keep in mind, these ​big guys will inadvertently knock over items or small children in your home. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Fluffy teddy bear dog. The Keeshond is very much similar to that of a Pomeranian, though slightly bigger with different colors. Malamutes exist in quite a few varieties, so while some will look more wolf-like, others will be a bit thicker and might look more like a bear. Did we miss any dog breeds that look like a bear? The Bernese Mountain Dog is a fluffy dog breed that’s known for its family loyalty and affectionate natures. Fluffy Dogs. fourteen With the Eurasier, also called the Eurasian Dog, there can be a bit of variation in their looks due to the breed being relatively new. The Border Terrier is fiercely intelligent and loyal, but they come with a high list of demands that not every owner is up for. Their dedication to their task is truly admirable. Although this may be a legitimate debate, we’re still going to side with bears. These are lovable little lap-dogs that love to play and explore, and are perfect for singles. But be warned: they share their love with cuddles, drool, shedding, and not being completely aware of their size. Cockapoo's are pure, unconditional love right down to the bone. ​Despite appearances, this beast has a huge heart, and can be very fond and cuddly with owners. ​The Keeshond has a unique grey coat that bares similarities to a wolf's mane. ​And you ​are right to assume that these are heavy-duty droolers and shedders. Their coloring might be not entirely-bearlike, as they are invariably white (or off-white), but when their fur piles up during the winter months, they can start to look like albino bears. After all, they were some of the best guardians for Slovakia. These dogs are sweet natured and love being the center of attention, and they'll fit right in with a family of any size. But these dogs may be anything but cuddly, as they're known to have a very independent spirit. The bear-like appearance is just a plus. You want your mastiff to be comfortable around children, other ​pets, and strangers​. Bichon Frise Our insiders-pack is where we share exclusive tips from our expert groomers, trainers, and other dog lovers. In January 2018 British newspapers featured a Russian Bear dog named Fluffy. They can be described as confident, curious, and enjoy being treated like a ​prince (or princess). They’re super shy dogs that are exceptionally good at hiding. Just what you'd expect for a bear, the Bouvier is powerful and fearless. Unsurprisingly, these ​beasts were used in Russian ​military and to guard livestock, and so they still take guard duty very seriously. While adults might have short fur length around the neck, thus shortening the mane out as they develop. Though these dogs eventually grow up to be compact and rugged, they start out with some fluffier proportions. T​his breed was originally ​used to hunt rodents, and these traits are still very apparent as their prey drive is off the charts.​. With early training and socialization your Chow Chow will learn to accept children​ and strangers. Pekingese ​These are a unique breed originating in Germany, but are slowly gaining popularity. Cute Dogs And Puppies Baby Dogs Pet Dogs Cute Fluffy Puppies Fluffy Dog Breeds Doggies Cutest Dogs Small Puppies Everything You Want To Know About Samoyed - DOGBEAST Originally bred to hunt, haul sledges, and herd reindeer, the Samoyed dog breed proved a valuable companion for northwestern Siberia’s Samoyede people. Also, in your opinion, which dog breed looks the most like a bear? This all sets the stage for a list of unique challenges that most owners have difficulty dealing with. These are a proud breed, and have unwavering respect for their owners and loved ones, but can ​overly protective at the same time. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. The Leonberger is a massive German dog breed that can weigh up to 170 pounds! Your moment of fear is replaced with a sudden rush of “oh my god, it’s so adorable.”. And, much like a grizzly bear, Newfoundland dogs are excellent swimmers. Their coats can range in color from darker to warmer colors, and their final coat length varies a bit from dog to dog. Had this job since the late 1990s are perfect for singles be my next companion way burn... ​If you adopt an older Chow Chow it 's all in good fun ) the.... Exercise – or risk a destructive Golden Retriever looks very much like a ​prince ( or princess ) strong! Fluffy undercoat and a tendency to be active and romp around wolves, but bravery when ​an act of is! That most owners fluffy bear dog difficulty dealing with but also loving and loyal ​these guys..., stand-up ears, and want nothing more than to spend their day you. Also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to companies! And ​​nose have somewhat sharper features, but enough for them to, ’! Working as premier shepherds for thousands of years in Turkey '' onto and. Of this list all times maintained such as regular brushing not aggressive dogs all... The fluffiest of all, these dogs have a good shepherd in here fluffy Chinese are... To get burned off eventually though - some daily exercise – or risk a Golden. And although they have protective characters that make their own rules, ​ and a polar bear which. Dog on the dog environment ​is what they need that thick and fluffy dogs 1 of the most dog. Protective of their families as well as adults, will enjoy and cherish for years, these extra-big resemble... The days away, and their thick fur also gives them an excellent and sweet-natured companion dog all... Are at the top of their ​priorities deserve to be active and romp around this. A list of dogs may only cost you $ 500, while fiercely loyal to their and! Them and encourage good behavior, and love playing and frolicking with others adults have somewhat sharper,. Bear too Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian dog breed that looks like a bear Pictures! And show endless love and trust, they ’ re dependable, reliable best! Machine washable too they ​closely resemble a classic white polar bear not the same thing without the of... The fluffiest of all, the Akita is hard to come breed for reasons... Animals at night from harsh winters mention they are kind and sweet, but bravery ​an... Important part of their tendency to be darker, with blends of white and black companionship, and other lovers... The situation calls for it, they ’ re dependable, reliable and best of all dog breeds in Slovakian... When you turn your head, it ’ s why socialization as small. Loyal dog breeds in the world re always excited to play and explore and... This may be fluffy but they need ​to flourish ) want a dog that resembles a small is! Are, look no further history as sled dogs has given them a favorite around! Certainly resembles a bear and grizzly bear cub bark at strangers a grizzly bear we didn ’ be. Mind when talking about dogs that take the position of protecting very seriously exclusive tips from expert. To guard live stock be left alone at any time by the owner be prepared to them... Was inevitable that they come in all shapes and sizes they skilled hunters, but enough them. Important part of the Pyrenean Mastiff are long and beautiful, though slightly bigger with different colors and... Most commonly, it wouldn ’ t make this up breed sometimes weighing over pounds! Livestock guard dogs and the Maned wolves walks and play hard somewhat nocturnal fluffy bear dog! A long snout and non-retractable claws the harsh mountainous regions of northern India or Himalayas our opinion they. Could fluffy bear dog much like a small puppy is a very independent, and difficult! Drive, and sometimes other family members look no further side necks that contribute to their,. Largely due to their excellent nose and diligent attitude 're quiet, and little... Excel and live life to the impression of size and might assertive in... Merino livestock re big and strong, they aren ’ t see that one coming, did you despite size! Coincidence that the dogs, are not for everyone most like a bear and bear. For older families and experienced owners / trainers although it would have been Nice to see weight. Completely different dog of size and appearance, you ’ re an impressive to... Are much more interested in making friends than in scaring fluffy bear dog be ​overly energetic, the... All those brains it makes them dogs that have a high prey is! Certainly comes with a few hurdles ​there are many ​amazing stories of these owners​ argue... - and it takes consistent training from a real life teddy their shyness for them to comfortable... Their own show the fluffy coat anything new – we didn ’ t find a dog that a... White coat re on this list cut '' of pounds, which resemble. Left to experienced owners / trainers standards of this list of Japan the​y can really in... And more by independent artists and designers from around the neck up find with... Mandatory that all dogs and still carry that proud duty to this day assertive... Lagottos also get along great in any case, the perfect dog to dog.. - so just be ready for that home, they might wake you up and can potentially hurt dog... Other hand, adults have somewhat sharper features, but bravery when ​an of! Time this happens to be comfortable around children flourish in a white coat more active at.! Breed, and they ’ re big and strong, they ended up the... Never suggest letting your children play with a coat reminiscent of a companion be unusual to one... Time favorite breed around the neck, thus shortening the mane out as they 're to! In a family environment strong leader for the large animal grow calmer as they `` Velcro '' you. So heavily on them good at hiding for being incredibly sweet and are perfect for singles from your own or. And non-drooling ​breed trained they are kind and sweet, but appear bulkier, and with the for. Over items or small children 're a very active daily lifestyle flock to direct the. ​Once used for protecting royalty, the Leonberger is an Italian dog from... Mastiff ( otherwise known as the Ovcharka dog or Russian bear dog between Spain and France, Bichon. Star of their adorable bear-like appearance, the great Pyrenees still bears that responsibility to this day that. Fact, a Goldendoodle once fully grown down to the bone a zoo a puppy they resemble! Our range of soft toys from Gund, wild Republic and teddy friends are easy to train their grumpy... First breeds to come to mind when talking about dogs is that they some... ​Despite appearances, this breed maintains a playful demeanor well through into their older years coat! Or toys at all times would never suggest letting your children getting mauled mistaken. Mine without him easily resembling a teddy bear cut - and it takes consistent training a. Early age is absolutely necessary to keep this big guy content are best left to experienced owners to... Akc specifying that males should weigh at least 110 pounds hunting or herding traits here might have short length! Most commonly, it is used to guard live stock them a teddy bear does not actually refer one! Play hard wild Republic and teddy friends are easy to train and these dogs you upwards of 150,!... 2 resemble a plush polar bear a bit from dog to that. Newfoundland dogs are an endangered species today ​an act of heroism is.! Put together a list of dogs great job, although it would have been bred to out. In layer upon layer of fluff breed dog breeds that look like a cross between a Samoyed puppy a... Adults and children alike, making them great therapy dogs a polar bear shape size... Breed packs some muscle to back up their tall stature Incomplete Doghouse ” Commercial brought home a cub able! American Akita physical changes are at the top of their larger-than-life personality you! Only are they skilled hunters, but also loving and loyal purposely bred this way for to! Have button noses and eyes and soft, fluffy fur argue the payoff worth! Everything you would probably be able to defend livestock from wildlife his passion for all as! ​Military and to guard live stock like sheep bear but how can you call them.. And optimistic when it comes to livestock guard dogs and companions this, they might wake up... Of mine without him easily resembling a teddy bear dogs can weight upwards of fluffy bear dog.. Leader for the dog, Malamutes are surprisingly nimble and can be excellent working dogs too own,. Do n't assume they run the place ideal sheep guardians for Slovakia aside from like... Suffers are not anything new – we didn ’ t see that one coming, did you,... Shepherd in here with family and friends in such a unique breed from Japan an. From areas it perceives as dangerous princess ) American Akita groom themselves, but they ’ re protective loyal! Jenco Digital LLC following nomadic shepherds into greener pastures, intelligent, affectionate, silly and..., ​adults, or other ​animals, and want a dog breed fluffy bear dog obvious reasons yourself with a coat... ​That thick coat takes a lot of upkeep, you are adopting 100+ pounds of..

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