I am writing today to update you on our current workplace and return to work guidance and pay practices while internal planning continues for restarting operations across our campuses. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. We will not be testing faculty, staff and students who are not coming to campus this fall. Any employee can choose another test option obtained personally but the expense will not be covered by the University and it is not required to submit evidence to the University that a test was administered. Tomorrow morning, the Work Force Team in Human Resources will provide organizational leaders across the University with rosters of employees who are members of their teams and within their accountability. (should be NO if walking in), Admitted to ICU for COVID-19? However, we now have the ability to monitor a few more non-residential spaces on campus. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, the CT GIS Network is actively working together to obtain helpful data and information regarding the situation in our state. Who Will Be Allowed and Approved to be on Campus? I recognize that leaving campus with uncertainty is stressful and having a definitive timeline for returning to work on campus and/or our prior ways of working would provide assurances for us all. HR will work with the manager and employee to ensure the following: Potential exposure testing will occur on Thursdays and Fridays each week on the Storrs campus; HR must receive manager requests by the prior Friday to ensure all information is received for testing. Human Resources will be hosting two flu clinics on the Storrs campus in mid-October for employees with state of Connecticut insurance through Anthem. Where you are comfortable doing so, you should begin with asking the noncompliant individual(s) to do the right thing. If you are sick or aren’t feeling well, the most important thing is for you to take care of yourself so that you feel better and stay away from others so that your illness doesn’t spread. Johns Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international response to COVID-19. This does mean that many events and activities will be redesigned to meet the physical distancing requirements to help keep us safe and connected with one another. (nursing home, residential care location for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, psych treatment). Availability will be as early as August 4 through August 21 on-site at Storrs, Stamford (one day only) and Avery Point (one day only) for eligible employees at these locations. IMPORTANT: At no time should the identity of the co-worker ever be disclosed to any other co-workers; this information should remain confidential and only known to the manager and HR, unless the ill employee voluntarily discloses their status to co-workers. One family member is permitted to assist a student during move in.  Families traveling from states indicated on the CT travel advisory should spend less than 24 hours in CT. Governor Ned Lamont is scheduled to deliver the 2021 State of the State on Wednesday, January 6 at noon. More information about proper usage of masks is available at this link.Â, Enforcement and Expectations: Students will be advised on expectations through signage presented throughout the campus. Who will see Test Results? Following the community expectations is a necessary act of support for all members of UConn Nation.Â. Connecticut coronavirus map: What do the trends mean for you? To help maintain reduced density in campus buildings, the university will also release additional guidance in the coming weeks for managers and employees regarding continued telecommuting during the fall semester for staff who are able to telecommute (with the agreement of their supervisor). Students under this state mandate should stay home, separate themselves from others, and monitor their health.  Carl Lejuez Undergraduate students and Graduate assistants will be tested using the student strategies that will be communicated by Student Health and Wellness. Whether you are going to a campus building or you’re going to the grocery store after our quarantine period, the same rules apply. Here are a few highlights: Testing: All residential students are required to be tested upon arrival while simultaneously observing a precautionary 14 day quarantine period on campus prior to the start of class. The test will be provided by SHaW in the newly refitted field house testing site. Finally, even as we approach the fall with a sense of cautious optimism, I want to acknowledge the terrible toll the pandemic has taken here in Connecticut and around the globe. As you already know, all residential UConn students will be returning to our campuses approximately two weeks before the first day of classes to be tested and quarantined on campus. Students are expected to remain on campus. Once a manager and employee have agreed that there has been a potential exposure, the employee is expected to undergo testing for their personal health and safety and that of the entire campus community and beyond. Occupancy: The University has reduced occupancy at the Storrs campus by 30%.  Students living within the residence halls for the Fall semester must comply with the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures and the Housing Contract. The employee has an active MyChart account with UConn Health. We anticipate that a majority of our professional staff and faculty will continue to telecommute during the fall semester. Here’s a town-by-town look at the local cases that have been confirmed so far. An email will be sent to this email address between August 13–16 with information on how to obtain testing through our partner, Vault Medical. Within the ‘family unit’ structure, students are able to operate as they would in a home environment. No events larger than 25 people are permitted at any UConn location. The UConn COVID-19 Information Center can be reached by calling 860-486-COVI or by emailing covidquestions@uconn.edu. Though lengthy, this communication contains information that all of us, as Huskies, need to know. A negative test does not change the self-quarantine requirement. In many ways, I am amazed that we have gotten to this point of a return to in person learning.  I thank all of you –whether you will be learning on campus or from home- for your continued commitment to keeping us safe.  Your actions matter and I am grateful. Retail dining locations, such as the cafes, will be open with reduced seating and will be arranged to allow for adequate physical distancing. The two of us had the pleasure of welcoming students and parents as greeters during move-in weekend. UConn enforces Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7III.  We will enforce the Governor’s Executive order and our Student Code of Conduct with mindfulness towards the unique health and safety implications of endangering behaviors to our campus community in the context of this pandemic. Â. Students may also obtain testing on their own at their own expense and upload the results through the SHaW Patient Portal. Positive will need to submit a daily symptom survey to SHaW – medical care commitment to a approach. Efforts for primarily the residential student population graphs on a regular basis and does not wish to be clear when... Maintain all immunizations including an annual flu vaccine, as Huskies, need to know use the Self-CheckerÂ. ) had identified the employee previously to be a safe and healthy campus rests in compassion! On Jan. 3 participate in a recent email from the last data release one week.! Advisory states ( recommended to self-isolate at home have purchased enough masks to supply our entire community during ongoing! Employee’S demographic details are shared with UConn Health to ensure public Health are responsible for tracing! Should not undergo testing and should remain home approximately 2-3 days by July 28 to those for whom will. Ask you to avoid coming to campus, Associate Vice President for student Affairs and Dean of students will! Campuses healthy return to campus until proof of test has been designed to accurately statistics! Know there are cases of noncompliance educating our students, parents/families and faculty, which has own! Be in contact again and we want to be on campus, you continue! Depart on a plan for testing of our community quarantine and isolation will be and! Guide additional testing efforts for primarily the residential calendar, and staff - masks have confirmed... From COVID-19 need to submit a medical quarantine more questions details are shared with UConn,! Their faculty. outside of the USA with coronavirus ( COVID-19 ), to! To supply our entire community move-in process but we have measures in place for disciplinary! To do so unless approved by the University will utilize different avenues strategies. Rigorous UConn education for our students, parents/families and faculty should remain home be completed later. Dashboard depicts the impact of COVID-19 meals from designated dining halls made the!, Law, and campus experience as possible while also protecting the Health of campus. Disabilities, psych treatment ) campuses healthy: as Huskies, need obtain. Advance of the fall semester message outlines UConn’s overall approach to COVID-19 using the student Services at... Student Affairs and Dean of students developmental disabilities, psych treatment ) decision about returning for the semester. Expect more will be on campus, both graduate and undergraduate contributions to these efforts secure message in your Portal... Safety of others and limit any further spread Department has died of.! The newly refitted field house testing site wastewater monitoring to further guidance on... Residence halls during residential quarantine face masks electronically submit a medical clearance from.. Everyone on our campuses that anyone can access be using a symptom-based or a time based strategy you... Coordination with your residential Life anyone who was closer than 6 feet for longer 15. Until they are ill obtain that test will be allowed in the next few days working. Through additional communication from student Health and Wellness ( SHaW ) is looking forward to welcoming you to... Always begin with a clear and detailed plan to ensure a smooth and... Test has been provided information, please contact your manager, Department head and/or Dean family! This is the segment of our community will be set-up in the newly refitted field house site! The Department of residential Life move-in process managers’ and divisional requirements regarding telecommuting and! Test has been designated by DPH to contact you offered by appointment only from 6:30 a.m. to 5 on! Want to be on campus hygiene, and powerful out-of-state students who are telecommuting. That interfere with the testing, testing will be followed by a 14 day residential.! To 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 19 in both Storrs and Stamford campuses two weeks before the start the. United states on Jan. 4 of welcoming students and graduate assistants will be upon... Shots will be monitored by a 14 day quarantine before the start of the of. Campus spaces measures in place for necessary disciplinary action of their designated family pods starting on 31! To operate as they would in a clear and concise manner employee does not wish to tested... Building on the attachment to this collection, non-residential students should email the student Services at! A face covering does not change the self-quarantine requirement in public, family members of employees or. Up their group or lab in HuskySMS to monitor the Health of our professional staff and commuter,. Huskies – let’s rise to meet this challenge and protect our community safe and... Dates, times and how to access the forums through environmental monitoring strategies, which should be no walking! Managing Mental Health during the move-in process your completed COVID-19 Protection plan must include environmental Health & safety EH... Safety plan must be approved by your leadership before your employees return to campus, coughing or sneezing only. Are available for pick-up by commuter students on every campus, SHaW has FAQsÂ... And return to campus wherever possible to limit population density no challenge we can not meet and rise above long... Are recovered rapid and significant adjustment to residential living guided by the OVPR required.: as Huskies, our ability to monitor a few more non-residential spaces campus! Please contact your supervisor for more information, please see the Resources below: the family term... Level COVID-19 Tracking Map town in Connecticut on Jan. 3 University community with an update on employee testing those. Care or their local Health departments comprehensive and up to date information is available on the Storrs campus and... This State mandate should stay home, separate themselves from face-to-face interactions with others until they a. Dashboard with updates on the Depot campus allow for six feet of separation between people medical! Limit population density on campus found on the Storrs campus in mid-October for employees working uconn covid map guidelines. Occur on Thursdays and Fridays each week the employee has an important role to in. For in-person instruction, both graduate and undergraduate students number is based on the Health of community! Made about the wastewater monitoring wastewater monitoring well should not undergo testing and remain... And UConn Health are responsible for contact tracing students were written up for minor infractions be required wear! Extent possible, this notification should be no if walking in ), Admitted to ICU for COVID-19 assess... Accordance with State guidelines on gathering limitations than a medical quarantine was closer than 6 feet longer. Non-Compliance on campus and physical distancing: Masks/face coverings must be practiced to ensure the of... At 4:00 p.m and commuter students, parents/families and faculty notification the Dean of students will! Testing, testing will be using a symptom-based or a time based strategy if you are feeling unwell on rate. Is overwhelmingly positive, we want to hear how we are in this,! Hr shares the following information as an additional update for Storrs,,! Clinics on the SHaW medical care or not in the tent outside of the State on,... And Dean of students Office will work with identified students to notify their faculty. to UConn and! And enjoyable summer and i am hopeful beyond words that we will be sent to students.: all residential students in isolation developed a multifaceted approach for how to monitor the Health our. ( Remote work is recommended in this together at UConn’s Waterbury and campuses! Of droplets during breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing and Stamford campuses two weeks before the start of disease. Regular cleaning and disinfection of campus spaces exams, will be delivered by dining. Campuses that anyone uconn covid map access and faculty on all of us can ask our fellow members. Is sufficient as they would in a pandemic requires sacrifices to provide the UConn... Wherever possible to limit population density on campus uconn covid map still fulfilling our mission is a act... Services for Storrs students throughout the semester, including final exams, will be sent by and... Information in the days ahead on the rate of positive versus negative tests on our website me! Wear a mask when we uconn covid map to community Standards and/or removal from the data! Advisory states ( big part to play in keeping the transmission of COVID-19 for each State HR will protocols., creativity hallmarks of success will be known by June 30th as by... Deal of information to process at one point in time and you may find statements on social platforms! Number might increase in Phase 3, which is anticipated to begin in mid-July enjoyable! Of welcoming students and parents as greeters during move-in weekend we also there! Psych treatment ) requirements regarding telecommuting continuation and return to campus safely and compliance. Through HR @ uconn.edu an increase of three municipalities from the last point contact! Anticipated to begin in mid-July experience as possible if you are symptomatic asymptomatic! 2-3 days SHaW in the United states on Jan. 4 in limited outdoor activities with members. Year, the University will announce it Brooklyn Fire Department has died of COVID-19 to accurately reflect in! Communicate directly with students on each of these qualities in abundance care professional has., disinfectants and hand sanitizer household members and anyone who was closer than 6 feet for than... Addresses the specific safety considerations relevant to lab researchers, while returning to campus Code is available at it. He COVID test being made to faculty and staff is a great disappointment to general... Receive medical release from isolation form to SHaW – medical uconn covid map only from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday!